January 9, 2014

The Affordable Care Act

Share your experience with the new healthcare reform law

The Illinois health insurance marketplace is open and ready to help get you and your family covered. This marketplace was created by the Affordable Care Act and will expand coverage to more than 1.4 million in Illinois who currently are uninsured while adding important consumer protections to those already have insurance.


Because of this law, insurance companies can no longer discriminate against you and your family for a pre-existing condition. They can’t drop you from coverage when you or someone in your family gets sick. And they can no longer place caps what they’ll cover for your care. Practices like these have caused millions of families to fall deep into debt and helped push the cost of health care higher and higher.


So we said enough and worked to rein in costs while expanding coverage and protections for all Americans.


This is what the Affordable Care Act will do for you:


It makes preventative care free. This will help increase wellness while reducing overall health care costs.


It lowers the cost of prescription drugs for seniors.


It expands mental health and substance abuse coverage for over 2 million across our state.


And it expands Medicaid, helping over a million working families in our state get coverage that they otherwise couldn’t get or afford.


I’ve signed up for my health care coverage through the marketplace and I hope you’ll do the same. Whether you are currently uninsured, or just looking for new options, Illinoisans can visit www.getcoveredillinois.gov or call (866) 311-1119 to learn more about the plans offered in the Illinois marketplace.


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