FY 2023 Appropriations Requests

The deadline to submit Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 appropriations requests to Sen. Durbin is April 7.


Programmatic Requests:

To submit a programmatic or language request for FY23, please outline your request on your organization’s official letterhead and submit electronically to IL_Requests@durbin.senate.gov by April 7, 2022.

Please include as much detail about your request as possible including whether the request is for report language or programmatic funding, the specific account/program associated with the request, the subcommittee of jurisdiction, and a short description of why the request is important to Illinois.  


Congressionally Directed Spending Requests:

Congress restored Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS)—on a bipartisan basis and with enhanced transparency and accountability—in the FY22 federal appropriations process and is expected to continue CDS funding in the FY23 appropriations bills.

Sen. Durbin is now accepting CDS requests for Illinois-based projects via the electronic application form below.  Any CDS request must be submitted via electronic application by 5:00 p.m. CT on April 7, 2021. Submitting requests as early as possible is strongly encouraged.

The list of CDS requests that Sen. Durbin successfully secured in the FY22 omnibus appropriations bill can be viewed here.

A helpful CRS Report on FY22 Congressionally Directed Spending including eligible uses for CDS funding by account can be viewed here.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this application is to identify high-impact projects in Illinois that can reach completion with assistance from the federal government.  Congressionally Directed Spending is capped at 1% of all discretionary spending, and FY23 project funding will be available to a limited number of projects that meet strict eligibility requirements only. For-profit entities are not eligible to receive Congressionally Directed Spending.

Submission of a request should not be construed as a guarantee that funding will be requested or awarded.  All funding decisions are made by the Appropriations Committee after consultation with the appropriate Federal agency.

Submission of requests does not constitute a binding commitment on any party nor a guarantee that any organization will be awarded funding from any federal agency through this process.  Furthermore, the submission, review, and approval of Congressionally Directed Spending requests will be carried out consistent with Federal agency rules and regulations.

Eligible Programs: The Senate Appropriations Committee limits CDS requests to specific programs only.  A specific list of accounts and eligible uses for FY23 Congressionally Directed Spending requests is available here.

Projects that do not meet strict eligibility requirements will not be eligible for funding. Please note that the Defense, State and Foreign Operations, and Legislative Branch Subcommittees will not be accepting CDS requests.

All Congressionally Directed Spending requests must comply with Senate Rule XLIV, which requires rigorous procedures for transparency and accountability.  Please review the Senate Appropriation Committee’s rules here. Requests may be posted publicly in accordance with Rule XLIV. 


Application: To submit a Congressionally Directed Spending request for project funding to Senator Durbin’s Office, please complete this electronic application.

In addition to the electronic application, all requests must include a formal request letter on the requesting organization’s official letterhead. Requests from nongovernmental entities must also include a letter of support from leaders in the community.

If you have questions about the project request process or project eligibility, please reach out to IL_Requests@durbin.senate.gov.