Sponsored Legislation

Bill # Bill Description Updated
S. 2292 Cosponsored  — Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act
S.Res. 433 Cosponsored  — A resolution condemning the abduction of female students by armed militants from the Government Girls Secondary School in the northeastern province of Borno in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
S. 2291 Cosponsored  — Peace Corps Equity Act of 2014
S.Res. 438 Cosponsored  — A resolution congratulating the students, parents, teachers, and administrators of charter schools across the United States for their ongoing contributions to education, and supporting the ideals and goals of the 15th annual National Charter Schools Week, to be held May 4 through May 10, 2014.
S. 2295 Cosponsored  — National Commission on the Future of the Army Act of 2014
S. 2273 Cosponsored  — Department of Defense Energy Security Act of 2014
S. 2223 Cosponsored  — Minimum Wage Fairness Act
S.Res. 429 Cosponsored  — A resolution designating April 30, 2014, as “Dia de los Ninos: Celebrating Young Americans”.
S.Res. 423 Cosponsored  — A resolution designating April 2014 as “Financial Literacy Month”.
S.Res. 410 Cosponsored  — A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
S.Res. 413 Cosponsored  — A resolution recognizing 20 years since the genocide in Rwanda, and affirming it is in the national interest of the United States to work in close coordination with international partners to help prevent and mitigate acts of genocide and mass atrocities.
S. 2235 Cosponsored  — Democracy Restoration Act of 2014
S. 2204 Sponsored  — Proprietary Education Oversight Coordination Improvement Act
S.Res. 384 Cosponsored  — A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate concerning the humanitarian crisis in Syria and neighboring countries, resulting humanitarian and development challenges, and the urgent need for a political solution to the crisis.
S.Res. 371 Cosponsored  — A resolution honoring the legacy and accomplishments of Jan Karski on the centennial of his birth.
S.Res. 407 Cosponsored  — A resolution honoring former Senator and Rear Admiral Jeremiah Andrew Denton, Jr.
S. 2182 Cosponsored  — Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act
S.Res. 404 Cosponsored  — A resolution honoring the accomplishments and legacy of Cesar Estrada Chavez.
S. 2171 Cosponsored  — Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014
S. 2149 Cosponsored  — Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014
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