Durbin Supports Supreme Court Decision on Carp

Chicago Public Radio
January 20, 2010

The debate over how to prevent Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes is continuing this morning. That's after the U.S. Supreme court denied a request from Michigan and other states to force Chicago to close canals flowing into Lake Michigan.

U.S. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says the court made the right decision. He says the issue should be brought before Congress and not judges.

DURBIN: If we work cooperatively all around the Great Lakes, I think we can protect them. Filing lawsuits is one thing, but actually rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business to make sure we stop them makes a big difference.

Durbin says some 14,000 homes could be at risk of being flooded if the canals are closed.

Meantime, some Great Lakes governors are calling for a summit at the White House to discuss the issue.