Senator Durbin Pushes For More Manufacturing Jobs

WGIL Galesburg

A major medical manufacturing facility in Canton has impressed State Senator Dick Durbin.

Durbin tells WGIL Cook Medical Group's growth provides a great illustration of how others down state can expand their own businesses.

"This is cutting edge technology that's being manufactured and produced right here in Canton, Illinois," Durbin says. "And that means a lot of people have a chance to work close to home, and make a great product and earn a good living."

"We're trying to find ways to make that concept grow , to either expand this facility if they should decide to do that, or to find other places downstate where we can have similar facilities with manufacturing jobs."

Senator Durbin visited Cook Thursday morning as part of a down state tour visiting businesses who are doing well.

He says the concepts developed at Cook are dynamic, and have revolutionized diagnostic medical treatment, particularly their catheterization.

Durbin says he trusts the facility can expand from 60 to 300 jobs in the near future.