Durbin Announces Fall 2018 Recipient Of The Ed Greelegs Scholarship Program

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today announced Irving Moran, a sophomore at Elgin Community College as the Fall 2018 recipient of the Ed Greelegs Scholarship Program.  This scholarship, open to students from Illinois or those studying in Illinois, is an opportunity for the students to receive financial assistance while obtaining first-hand experience in Senator Durbin’s office.  The program was created in honor of Durbin’s former Chief of Staff who passed away in March 2017 due to complications with Parkinson’s disease.  

“Ed knew everybody in Washington by name and everybody knew Ed.  From Teddy Kennedy to the elevator operator, and the men and women who cleaned our office and polished the floor.  Even as parts of his memory were failing, his passion for politics never changed.  Ed is at peace now, but his influence remains with the lives he touched,” said Durbin.  “I’m excited to continue this scholarship program in Ed’s name and honor, to carry on his love of politics to the next generation by making the incredible experience of a legislative internship possible for any Illinois student who is interested, no matter their background.  Irving is a talented, inspiring, smart young man and his future in politics is very bright.”

“Before immigrating to the U.S., my family did not live instead they just survived, trying their best to find ways to bring food to the table,” said Irving.  “Coming from a family of immigrants, I understand struggles my family and many immigrant families in the U.S. face to survive.  It wasn’t until I began working at Senator Durbin’s office, I realized there was someone out there truly fighting to defend and support immigrant families like mine.  Every day, I witness Senator Durbin’s staffers assist constituents on immigration matters, helping make small changes in their lives.  Their work inspires me and gives me hope for immigrant families facing hard times under the current Administration.  The Ed Greelegs Scholarship has allowed me to explore the world of politics and given me the confidence in pursuing a career in immigration law to defend the immigrant communities.”

Irving Moran was raised in Elgin, Illinois.  He is currently a sophomore at Elgin Community College, in Elgin, IL.  While in school, Irving has been both a leader and advocate on immigration issues, striving to share his story, the story of his family, and the stories of other immigrants on campus and within his community.  As an intern, Irving hopes to gain a better understanding about the legislative process and make connections between how members of Congress create legislation and the impacts they have on everyday people.

Irving’s interest in politics and public service was sparked from experiences in Model UN, volunteering, and his own personal immigration experience.  Through Model UN, Irving learned how governments influence both the national and global needs of countries, which inspired him to take action and explore new options for how to serve in his communities.  On campus, Irving is an active member of Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society, and a volunteer with the Spartan Food Pantry.  Irving hopes to one day be able to start similar community projects to help better the lives of people in need.

In order to be eligible for the Ed Greelegs Scholarship Program, students must be a resident of Illinois or be enrolled in an accredited college or university in Illinois; must demonstrate financial need; must not be receiving outside financial aid for their internship; and must have demonstrated an interest in public service and the legislative process.

Ed Greelegs started working for Durbin in 1990 and served as his chief of staff in the House of Representatives and Senate for a combined 17 years.  Ed was a beloved member of the Capitol Hill community, and made our country better with his caring approach and dedication to public service.

Durbin paid tribute to Ed shortly after his passing in March 2017. Video of his floor speech is available here