Durbin Calls On President Trump & Republican Majority in Congress to Stand Up to the Gun Sales Lobby, Act to Help Prevent Gun Violence

Senator also calls on Gov. Rauner and Illinois General Assembly to pass meaningful state-level gun reforms

Following last week’s school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, which left eight students and two teachers dead and another 13 victims wounded, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today slammed President Trump and the Republican majority in Congress for still being unwilling to push for any gun reforms that the gun sales lobby opposes. 

“Congress is going to have to choose who to listen to – the students who are spending their class time thinking about whether their desks are in the line of fire or the gun lobbyists who want to further weaken gun laws on the books so they can make more gun sales.  I know where I stand.  I’m going to keep doing everything I can to put the safety of my granddaughter, my grandson, and kids across American and our neighborhoods ahead of the gun lobby’s agenda of selling more guns,” Durbin said.  “We may not be able to stop every shooting in our schools and in our streets, but if Congress takes meaningful action to close the gaps in our gun laws, we will save lives.”

In his speech on the Senate floor, Durbin also called on Governor Bruce Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly to join the ranks of states who have passed meaningful state-level gun reforms this year. 

“At least 15 states have passed legislation to close gaps in their state gun laws since February 14.  These state-level reforms are significant.  They’re even happening in states like Florida and Kansas, which have a reputation of being friendly to the gun lobby,” Durbin said.  “I hope my home state of Illinois will soon join the ranks with these states who have passed meaningful state-level gun measures this year.  We came close in Illinois when the General Assembly passed a landmark bipartisan bill to provide more accountability for gun dealers’ sales.  Governor Bruce Rauner unfortunately vetoed that bill, but the General Assembly is working hard to put a revised bill back on his desk.” 

Video of Durbin’s remarks on the Senate floor are available here.

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