Durbin Delivers Remarks On “Bidenomics” & Democratic Efforts To Grow The Middle Class

CHICAGO – U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) today delivered remarks before President Joe Biden’s address touting “Bidenomics” in Chicago.  Durbin spoke about the sustained economic growth we’ve seen under the Biden Administration and how it is growing America’s middle class, as well as how legislation passed last Congress—including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the CHIPS and Science Act—is contributing to this growth. 

Key Durbin quotes: 

“Under President Joe Biden, we’re laying the foundation for strong, sustainable economic growth.”

“I said to the President when he got off his helicopter that I went to school many years ago and took an economics course… now I’m being introduced to ‘Bidenomics’ and I like what I see and I like what it means for America.” 

“Under President Biden, we are building a strong foundation for long term, economic growth for generations to come.  Middle class families get a fair shake, and families who have been left behind get their chance to join the middle class.” 

“That’s the American formula that built the strongest economy and the largest middle class the world has ever seen.” 

“For more than 40 years though, we’ve heard one other point of view—the wealthiest in our country have been pushing a different approach and a mythical economic theory.  They said if we just cut taxes for billionaires and big corporations, everybody will do just fine.” 

“But here’s the truth: This top down, trickle down disaster exploded the national debt, shuttered American factories, hollowed out our communities, and left too many families and small businesses barely hanging on.” 

“There’s a better way to grow the American economy.  Under this President, America is investing in the middle class.” 

“America, among leading economies in the world, has had the highest economic growth rate since the pandemic and the lowest current inflation.”

“A record breaking 13 million new jobs created under this President, including more than 443,000 in Illinois.  Factories are reopening.  Middle class wages are going up.”  

“Under this President, 343,000 Illinoisans now have coverage under the Affordable Care Act, nearly one million are covered under the ACA Medicaid expansion, and everyone is protected from predatory loopholes by insurance companies.”

“Under this President, America is investing in training and education and we’re protecting workers’ rights to organize and join unions.” 

“President Biden, I thank you for your friendship, leadership, and vision for America.  But most of all, I thank this President because of the respect he’s brought back to the White House.”

A video of Durbin’s full remarks is available here.