Durbin: Democrats Are Rebuilding America And Rewarding American Workers

In a speech on the Senate floor, Durbin highlights the promises delivered by Democrats and President Biden over the last few months

WASHINGTON – In a speech on the Senate floor today, U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) highlighted how the legislative accomplishments of Congressional Democrats and President Biden are improving the lives of Americans and boosting our economy. Durbin began his speech by highlighting the CHIPS and Science Act, critical legislation for our economy and national security that provides billions to expand our domestic semiconductor manufacturing and scientific research capabilities. He also mentioned President Biden’s trip to New Albany, Ohio, tomorrow—to join the CEO of Intel in breaking ground on a new, multi-billion-dollar semiconductor plant. 

Durbin said, “It’s one of the largest investments of its kind in American history. And it’s going to create thousands of good-paying jobs—for everyone from construction workers to structural engineers… That’s a big shift after years of microchip production being shipped to Asia.”

Durbin continued his speech by highlighting the Inflation Reduction Act, groundbreaking legislation that will fight inflation, make drug prices more affordable, reduce costs, and make the nation’s largest ever investment in combatting the climate crisis.

“The weeks since the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, companies throughout the country have unveiled, ‘a series of big ticket projects to kick start our clean energy future.’ A future that will be made in America by American workers. I would like to remind everyone we passed that law without a single Republican vote. Not one Republican Senator would join us in this effort,” Durbin continued.

Due to the Inflation Reduction Act, Toyota announced it will invest billions of dollars in manufacturing batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles here, in America. First Solar—announced another billion-dollar investment to build a new facility in the Southeast. Three other companies—Honda, LG, Samsung—announced billions of dollars in investments to make components for electric vehicles on our shores.

“Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, these jobs aren’t going overseas—they’re staying right here in America. New manufacturing projects are lighting up across the country, like a constellation of hope, marking a new era of renewal and renaissance for American families. A big piece is taking place in my home state of Illinois,” Durbin said. “Earlier this week the company T/CCI announced that it will invest millions of dollars into retooling its facility in Illinois to make compressors for electric vehicles… This is a chance for the Decatur community to play its part in electric vehicle revolution and once again these investments will create good-paying jobs right here in America.”

Durbin continued, “We are leaving no town behind. We are investing in the future of every community from Chicago to Decatur and we are honoring America's history as a land of opportunity.”

Durbin then highlighted the rich history of Decatur, where Abraham Lincoln delivered his first political speech.

“So as we celebrate the new funding for jobs and development coming to cities like Decatur today, I find it interesting that one of the first policies Abraham Lincoln ever endorsed was internal improvements… The challenges we face in America today are a little more sophisticated but we also passed an infrastructure bill, the largest in the history of the United States,” said Durbin.

Last year, Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, historic, bipartisan legislation that invests in our nation’s infrastructure.  

“Roads and bridges crumble beneath our feet, generations of good-paying jobs going overseas, the world's wealthiest trying to save a few bucks, and skyrocketing inequality is not American. Fixing it is not socialism. It is fairness. The last President spent four years declaring infrastructure week had nothing to show for it. In less than two years, President Biden and the Democrats delivered on their promise of rebuilding and putting American workers back to work. We've had the largest growth in job creation ever in the history of the United States in the last year and a half under President Biden… The policies we enacted during this Congress will help move America forward. Together they represent a new vision for America's future,” Durbin concluded.

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