Durbin Discusses Illinois Law Enforcement Issues With ATF Special Agent In Charge In Chicago Carl Vasilko

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) met with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent In Charge of the Chicago Field Division Carl Vasilko today to discuss crime gun tracing and the ongoing law enforcement efforts of the ATF Crime Gun Intelligence Center in Chicago. A photo of today’s meeting is available HERE.


“Solving violent gun crimes and targeting gun trafficking networks are among our highest law enforcement priorities.  Today, I urged Special Agent Vasilko to continue to use the lawful resources available to him and the ATF in the fight against gun violence in Chicago,” Durbin said.


“I had the opportunity to tour the Crime Gun Intelligence Center last year to see the critical role it plays in revealing how guns are trafficked and wind up in the hands of criminals. Congress should pass the Crime Gun Tracing Act, which will better coordinate gun tracing efforts and help solve crimes.


For years, Senator Durbin has been committed to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental instability. Durbin has previously introduced legislation to encourage law enforcement agencies to take advantage of the federal gun tracing resources available to help them crack down on gun violence. 

In 2013, he introduced the Crime Gun Tracing Act, which creates strong incentives for law enforcement agencies to report 100 percent of the crime guns they recover to the ATF National Tracing Center, a practice many agencies do not currently follow. Crime gun tracing can help generate leads in criminal investigations and reveal how guns are trafficked into criminals’ hands. More information on that bill is available HERE.

Last year, Durbin toured the new ATF Crime Gun Intelligence Center in Chicago. The center serves as a coordinated effort between local and federal law enforcement agencies to address gun violence in Chicago, which is fueled in part by the growing number of guns that are illegally trafficked into the city from outside the region.