Durbin Marks First 100 Days Of Biden Administration & Senate Democratic Majority In Speech On Senate Floor

WASHINGTON – As President Joe Biden prepares to deliver his first Joint Address to Congress on Wednesday and mark the first 100 days in office, U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) today discussed how far America has come in just 100 days.  In a speech on the Senate floor, Durbin discussed how Congressional Democrats worked with President Biden to pass the American Rescue Plan, which in less than 40 days, is already working to accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations and reduce food insecurity.  He also noted how President Biden is restoring America’s role as a global leader, reasserting American leadership in the fight against climate change, and returning credibility and dignity to the Office of the President.

A new poll by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University finds that – among young people between the ages of 18 and 29, 56 percent say they are hopeful about America’s future – the highest for any President in the 21-year history of the poll.

“This new Administration has done far more in its First 100 Days than just tackle the pandemic and help families and small businesses that are hurting financially because of the coronavirus,” Durbin said.  “President Biden is reasserting America’s role as a leader in the world and repairing alliances that were damaged dangerously under his predecessor.  And equally as important, Joe Biden is restoring credibility and dignity to the Office of the President itself.”

Durbin concluded, “The challenges that President Biden and Vice President Harris inherited were historic.  They won’t be solved in 100 days, maybe not 100 weeks.  But in his First 100 Days as President, Joe Biden has kept his promises and has begun to restore the most precious commodity of all: America’s sense of hope and common purpose.  Those qualities built this nation, and they will build our future.”

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