Durbin Meets With American Council Of Engineering Companies Of Illinois

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) joined the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois by phone to offer an update on COVID-19 relief negotiations and infrastructure funding. Durbin spoke about Democratic priorities for the next COVID-19 relief package including nearly $1 trillion in funding for state and local governments nationwide to address revenue losses.

On the call, Durbin also addressed the pressing need for a bold, federal investment in infrastructure, which will help produce the economic growth needed to get through the current crisis and put Americans back to work. Our nation’s failing infrastructure is costing the average American family $3,400 per year.  Unless we take action to improve our nation’s infrastructure, the U.S. stands to lose out on $3.9 trillion in GDP, $7 trillion in lost sales for American businesses, and 2.5 million jobs over the next decade. While the President’s previous infrastructure proposal would have resulted in a net loss of federal infrastructure funding, Durbin supports the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that was passed by the House earlier this year.  

“Economists have been telling us for years that increased investment in infrastructure will help produce economic growth in this country. With the COVID-19 pandemic harming our economy, we cannot afford to ignore this advice any longer,” said Durbin. “Infrastructure investment will help us create a 21st century economy that will create jobs, grow the middle class, and allow the U.S. to better compete around the world. I’m urging my colleagues to take our infrastructure projects and potential economic growth into serious consideration as we pursue an economic recovery strategy for the COVID-19 crisis.”

Durbin helped to secure nearly $5 billion in state and local fiscal relief funding for Illinois in the CARES Act as well as $446 million for Illinois airports and $1.6 billion for transit systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.