Durbin Meets with Illinois Farm Bureau and Illinois Farmers Union

Senator receives Golden Triangle Award for efforts on behalf of farming community; discusses need to pass strong Farm Bill

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] - U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today met with representatives of the Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Farmers Union, who presented him with the Golden Triangle Award for his commitment to family farms and rural America, his leadership in promoting the use and production of renewable fuels, and his support for a strong Farm Bill reauthorization. With both groups, Durbin discussed the critical need for the House of Representatives to pass a full five-year Farm Bill. In June, the Senate passed a new Farm Bill with a strong bipartisan vote which will save $23 billion in taxpayer money over the next ten years and strengthen initiatives that help America’s agriculture economy continue creating jobs. A photo of Durbin’s meeting with the Illinois Farm Bureau is available here.

“Nearly three months ago the Senate passed a full five-year Farm Bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. If the House of Representatives fails to pass a Farm Bill, that failure will have a direct impact on Illinois farmers. Unless the House takes action by the September 30th deadline, agricultural policy in the United States will move backwards and revert to a law passed more than sixty years ago – a policy which does not contain the critical protections provided either by current law or the Senate passed bipartisan bill.”

“I am honored to receive the Golden Triangle Award and will continue to work with the Farmers Union and other farm organizations to address rural issues in Illinois and across the country.”


The Senate-passed Farm Bill reauthorizes several expired disaster programs to immediately help producers; provides a safety net for producers; makes investments in rural communities, research, and energy development; protects nutrition programs and saves taxpayers $23 billion over the next ten years.  It would also provide farmers – and the businesses that rely on those farmers – with long-term certainty in farm policy that will allow them to plan out their recovery from the ongoing drought crisis.

The Golden Triangle Award is based on the National Farmers Union symbol—a triangle with ‘legislation’ and ‘cooperation’ forming the sides and ‘education’ the base. The Golden Triangle Award is awarded annually and was first established in 1988.