Durbin Reaction to Reports of $500 Million Error in FutureGen Cost Estimate

[WASHINGTON, DC] – Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) today made the following statement after recent news that a Government Accountability Office report found the Department of Energy made a half-billion dollar error in its estimate of the total cost for the FutureGen project.


“After five years of competition and preparation, the Department of Energy walked away from FutureGen in January of last year citing escalating costs. Despite that, the Illinois Delegation, leaders in our state and members of both political parties were able to keep this project alive for over a year. Now we find that the Department of Energy overstated their estimate of the FutureGen project by $500 million.


“It’s not time to dwell on the numerous mistakes of the previous administration; it’s time to move forward and work together on an environmentally responsible project that serves this nation and creates jobs and business opportunities in Illinois.


“Earlier today, I spoke to Secretary Chu who is taking a close look at the FutureGen project. With the Obama Administration, we have a new chance to pursue this project as the best investment in research for the future of coal around the world. I am going to continue to push for FutureGen.”


Audio of Durbin’s remarks can be accessed at the following link: http://demradio.senate.gov/actualities/durbin/durbin090311.mp3