Durbin: Reform Bill Empowers Consumers Against Excesses of Wall Street

[CHICAGO, IL] – A bill to bring accountability to Wall Street will give American consumers the strongest consumer financial protections against abusive lending practices in history, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said today.  The measure, set to be debated next week in the Senate, also includes strict new regulations to stop Wall Street from gambling America’s financial security. 
The Wall Street reform bill would create a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, housed in the Federal Reserve, designed to protect consumers from tricks, traps, shadowy markets and fine print.  Durbin was the first Senator to propose the creation of an independent agency with the sole function of protecting consumers.
“This bureau would finally put a real cop on the beat that would empower consumers to choose between mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans that are designed to win their business by offering consumers a good deal, not one that’s only good for the banks,” Durbin said.  “The bureau will write strong, sensible rules that apply to all lenders evenly, which means no carve-outs for anyone.”
The bill will make the banks and speculators pay for the costs of their mistakes so taxpayers never again have to bail out these institutions.  Banks and credit card companies will be forced to offer clear terms in plain English.  Consumers will have the information they need to compare rates so they can make the financial choices that are right for them.
“We all have an obligation to take responsibility for our financial decisions,” Durbin said.  “But markets work best when buyers have a clear understanding of the products available, so that they can smartly choose what is best for them.  This Wall Street reform bill would make these markets work for all of us, not just Wall Street.”