Durbin: Senate Committee Approves over $15.05 Million in Transportation and Economic Development Funding for Illinois

[WASHINGTON, DC] - U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee has approved $15,050,000 in federal funding for Illinois transportation and economic development projects. ?


The Fiscal Year 2011 appropriations bill for the Department of Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations includes funding for the following projects:? ?


Department of Transportation & Federal Transit Administration:


  • CTA Green Line, Chicago: $2,200,000 in funding to expand capacity on the south branches of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Green Line.


  • CTA Red Line North Main Line Rehabilitation Project, Chicago: $500,000 in funding to begin preliminary work to improve the track, viaducts and stations on the north end of the CTA Red Line.


  • Illinois Bus and Bus Facilities, Statewide: $4,000,000 in funding to Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for downstate bus and bus facilities outside of the RTA service region.


Surface Transportation Program:


  • Ash Avenue Extension, City of Decatur: $400,000 in funding for preliminary engineering to extend Ash Avenue east from to Illinois Route 48. 


  • I-55 Business Loop to Memorial Hospital, City of Lincoln: $2,000,000 in funding to construct a three-legged intersection to provide public access to Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.


  • Illinois Pedestrian and Bicycling Road and Trail Improvements and Enhancements, Statewide: $2,500,000 in finding to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in funding for bike and pedestrian trails across the state.


  • US Highway 30, Whiteside County: $500,000 in funding to construct a four-lane U.S. Highway 30 between Fulton and Rock Falls, Illinois.


Federal Railroad Administration:


  • PEERS Rail-Grade Crossing Safety, Illinois: $500,000 in funding for the Illinois Commerce Commission's Public Education and Enforcement Research (PEERS) program to improve rail-grade crossing safety through education and enforcement initiatives.


Federal Aviation Administration:


  • Quincy Airport, Quincy: $600,000 in funding for airfield improvements to improve the drainage of the taxiways and restripe runway.


Department of Housing and Urban Development:


  • City of Springfield, Springfield: $200,000 in funding for construction of a new building for the Mini O'Beirne Crisis Nursery in Springfield that provides free services to at-risk children. 


  • Downtown Redevelopment, Rockford: $500,000 in funding for land acquisition, demolition and infrastructure improvements in downtown Rockford. 


  • Educare Center, West DuPage County: $200,000 in funding for construction of a new center in West DuPage to expand services to at-risk children.


  • Foreclosure Prevention Pilot, Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), Chicago: $250,000 in funding to create SWOP’s “Keep Our Homes” campaign that aims to work with banks servicing borrowers in Chicago neighborhoods in danger of foreclosure.


  • Springfield YMCA, Springfield: $500,000 in funding for construction of a new campus building.


  • Harrison Impact Zone Infrastructure Improvements, Peoria: $200,000 in funding for revitalization efforts on Peoria’s South Side