Durbin Statement On Bombing Attacks in Afghanistan

SPRINGFIELD U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) released the following statement today regarding the attacks outside the Kabul airport and the Baron Hotel in Afghanistan:

“Today’s heinous attacks in Kabul targeted American citizens, service members, diplomats, and vulnerable Afghans trying to flee for their safety. My heart is with families and loved ones of the service members and other innocent people who have been injured or killed in these acts of terror.

“Once the airport and surrounding areas are secure, we must continue to evacuate Americans and others from Afghanistan. Any delay from the timetable will open us up to more dangers.

“I salute the men and women in uniform and our brave diplomats on the ground who are executing this humanitarian mission. They are risking their lives in the face of extremely dangerous conditions. It is time to bring our people home and end American involvement in Afghanistan’s conflicts once and for all.”