Durbin Statement on Decision to More Closely Monitor CSX's Use of Elsdon Rail Line

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) issued the following statement after learning of the Surface Transportation Board’s decision to impose enhanced reporting requirements on CSX’s Elsdon Rail Line so that it can better monitor and mitigate the increased amount of blocked grade crossings.
“Since CSX acquired the Elsdon Rail Line in 2013, the increased frequency of rail traffic blocked crossings has led to significant traffic delays and threats to pedestrian safety,” said Durbin. “The STB has a responsibility to ensure that railroads like CSX honor their commitments and do everything possible to safely move freight through communities like Beverly in Chicago as well as the Village of Evergreen Park.  I am glad the STB has finally chosen to exercise its authority today.”
In its ruling, STB directed CSX to immediately address lengthy blockages, or demonstrate the reason for its noncompliance. CSX will be required to submit monthly reports listing any stoppages that occur on the Elsdon line. If it is determined that CSX is deliberately ignoring regulations, the Board may take further action against the company.
Earlier this year, Durbin joined with U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) in asking for the STB to review the City of Chicago and the Village of Evergreen Park’s petition claiming that CSX is not currently in compliance with regulations it agreed to before taking over the Elsdon Rail Line. Senator Durbin has also met with representatives of CSX to discuss their plans to address traffic disruptions.