Durbin Statement on House Vote to Repeal Health Care

CHICAGO—U.S. Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted to repeal health care for 24 million Americans: 

The Illinois Congressmen who voted to repeal health care today ignored clear warnings from every Illinois medical organization that this will be a disaster for our state. They were driven by political arrogance instead of common sense. My recent medical experience reminded me how vulnerable we all are. I will fight this Republican health care repeal in the Senate until Hell freezes over.

Republican refusal to secure an impact statement on their bill from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is unprecedented and tells us this revised repeal plan is worse than the original. Residents of Illinois can expect protection for those with pre-existing conditions to diminish; one million in our state to lose their health insurance; those between ages 45 and 65 to see dramatic increases in premiums; downstate and inner city hospitals to reduce services and staff and a return to the life-and-death battles with insurance companies over issues of coverage.

For those Republican Congressmen who are counting on the Senate to clean up their repeal mess, I have news for them. The vote they just cast to take health care away from the people they represent will be front and center when they face their constituents. The Senate won’t save them from being held accountable for this craven vote.

America is ready for bi-partisan cooperation to improve our health care system not this partisan, chest-thumping, Tweet-driven attack on our health care from politicians who are lucky enough to have the best health insurance in our nation.