Durbin Statement on Senate Republican Proposal to Address Border Security

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today released the following statement regarding Senate Republicans’ proposal to address border security:

“For 30 years, Congress has failed to fix America’s broken immigration system, and today, our communities, businesses, and frontline law-enforcement officials are bearing the brunt of that failure.  I have long urged my Republican colleagues to come to the table and negotiate on a bipartisan basis to pass immigration reform.  Today’s proposal from my Republican colleagues is not a good starting point – it is not consistent with American values and it would not secure our border.  It includes many of the worst proposals from H.R. 2, including a proposal to end relief for Ukrainians, Afghans, and others who have found refuge in the United States, who we should be aiding, not deporting.

“I am willing to talk to anyone on either side of the aisle who wants to move past the partisan bickering on this issue.  Let’s show the world that we can come together to fix our broken system—and let’s not hold critical Ukraine aid hostage in the process.”

Earlier this year, Durbin and Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) introduced a legislative proposal to respond to the immediate needs on our southern border.  While not a substitute for comprehensive immigration reform or legislation to address the root causes of migration, the Border Management, Security, and Assistance Act of 2023 provides immediate assistance to border officials and authorities to help secure the border and efficiently process asylum seekers.  The bill also provides critical support to the communities across America that receive asylum seekers.