Durbin Supports Baldwin Resolution To Overturn Trump Administration's "Junk" Health Insurance Plans

Durbin calls on Senate Republicans to stand up for Americans with pre-existing conditions

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today called on his Republican colleagues to support Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D-WI) resolution to protect patients with pre-existing conditions by overturning the Trump Administration’s expansion of “junk” health insurance plans.  Earlier this year, the Trump Administration finalized a rule that would return the health care system to the dark days when insurance companies could refuse to cover people with pre-existing conditions and raise premiums significantly for older Americans.  Under the Trump Administration rule, “junk” health insurance plans also don’t have to provide essential health benefits like maternity care, prescription drug costs, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and emergency room visits.  All 49 Senators in the Democratic caucus support Sen. Baldwin’s resolution.  Only two Republican votes are needed to pass this resolution in the Senate and overturn the Trump Administration’s “junk” plans rule.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Durbin also shared the stories of constituents from Watseka, Illinois, and Naperville, Illinois, who have pre-existing conditions and rely on the Affordable Care Act for affordable health insurance.  Under the Trump Administration’s “junk” insurance plans, these constituents would have to fend for themselves in the individual market, where premiums would skyrocket. 

“If all of the Democrats vote for Tammy Baldwin’s resolution – and I think they will – we still need two Republicans to see if they will come over and vote not only against the Trump plan but vote for the millions of families like those that I’ve read about today on the floor who are counting on quality health insurance to be there when they need it – who believe that no one should discriminate against someone because of a pre-existing health condition.  That, to me, seems fundamentally fair,” Durbin said.  “A vote for Tammy Baldwin’s resolution of disapproval on the Trump plan tomorrow will put America on the right course for families that need health insurance that they can count on.”

Video of Durbin’s remarks on the Senate Floor are available here.

Audio of Durbin’s remarks on the Senate Floor are available here.

In September, Durbin joined Senator Baldwin’s resolution to overturn the Trump Administration’s expansion of “junk health insurance plans.”  And in April and June, Durbin urged the Trump Administration to halt the implementation of these “junk health insurance plans.”