Durbin: There Will Be A Victory Day Parade In Ukraine To Honor The Valiant Ukrainians

On Senate floor, Durbin highlights First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s visit with Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska; condemns Vladimir Putin’s Victory Day speech

WASHINGTON  U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Co-Chair of the Senate Ukraine Caucus, spoke on the Senate floor to condemn Vladimir Putin’s cynical Victory Day speech, in which Putin tried to justify the heinous war crimes he has committed against Ukraine. Durbin also praised First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s visit with Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska in Ukraine on Mother’s Day. The visit further strengthened relations between the U.S. and Ukraine.

Durbin said, “Putin disgraced himself and the millions of Russians who suffered horribly during World War II by crudely comparing their struggle to his unprovoked and unconscionable assault on Ukraine today. Cynically using Russia’s World War II Victory Day, Putin described his war in Ukraine as ‘sacred’ and necessary for the ‘security of our homeland.’ This is delusional.  It is Putin who is now acting in the same way as those who so brutally attacked the Soviet Union during World War II.”

Durbin also spoke on the brutal weekend assault on civilian targets that left 60 or more Ukrainians buried or presumed dead. Putin has forcibly deported as many as 300,000 Ukrainians to Russia,  tried to erase Ukrainian identity from seized areas, and praised Russia military units accused of war crimes. A Washington Post editorial recently noted the historical parallel carried out by the Soviet regime as part of a campaign by Joseph Stalin.

Durbin continued, “Well, I have a message for Vladimir Putin on this Victory Day:  You have disgraced yourself by selfishly exploiting the memory of those Russians who protected your nation in World War II to defend your war crimes of today. You will not erase Ukraine. You have only strengthened Ukrainian identity and the collective will of the global community to defend against Russian tyranny.”

Durbin concluded, “There will be a Victory Day parade in Ukraine one day, and it will be to honor the valiant Ukrainians who sacrificed on the front lines to defend freedom and democracy in Ukraine and worldwide.”

President Biden authorized another $150 million in military assistance for Ukraine for artillery rounds and radar systems on Friday.

During a speech on the Senate floor last week, Durbin urged Congress to pass President Biden’s $33 billion supplemental aid package for Ukraine. The additional aid will give the people of Ukraine the weapons to repel Russia’s war as well as bolster our allies and partners in the region such as the Baltics, Poland, and Moldova.

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