Durbin: Trump Is Incapable Of Distinguishing Friends From Enemies

Senator asks Republicans what’s happening to the party of Ronald Reagan when it comes to national security today

WASHINGTON — Ahead of President Trump’s upcoming meetings with NATO allies and Russian President Putin, U.S. Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke on the Senate floor to express deep concern about the current course of American foreign policy under President Trump. Durbin slammed President Trump's willingness to recklessly undermine allies and instead cozy up to adversaries like Russia and North Korea. Durbin also criticized the stunning silence from most Republicans in Congress while the President’s pursuit of an agenda with Russian President Putin threatens Western security alliances and America’s leadership in the world. 

"I do not know of any modern president who let normal disagreements between key allies turn into personal spats that alienate our friends and undermine our security. In fact, I am increasingly convinced that President Trump is so enamored by validation-seeking autocrats and offended by allies expressing disagreements that he is incapable of distinguishing friends from enemies. This is truly problematic and dangerous," Durbin said. "I can think of few times in my history here that the party of Reagan has sat so quietly on its hands while an American president’s actions threaten our Western security alliances and our place in the world." 

"Why in the world is this president pursuing the agenda of one of our adversaries who attacked our election processes, militarily seized sovereign territory of our allies, murdered and attempted to murder dissidents on our allies’ soil, provided weapons to Ukrainian separatists that shot down a Malaysian commercial airliner killing hundreds of innocent people, repeatedly buzzes and tests NATO defenses, and jails and represses its own people advocating for basic democratic and human rights norms?"

In June, Durbin introduced a resolution that would reaffirm America’s commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Video of Durbin’s remarks on the Senate floor is available here.

Audio of Durbin’s remarks on the Senate floor is available here.