Following Iran’s Attack On Israel, Durbin Urges House Republicans To Finally Pass The National Security Supplemental

WASHINGTON  Following Iran’s attack on Israel this weekend, U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) today urged House Republicans to finally pass the national security supplemental, which passed the Senate in February on a bipartisan basis and would provide aid for Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan.  During his speech, Durbin reflected on the ongoing threats that Iran posed prior to the attack on Israel.

“I had the privilege of visiting our American service members stationed with the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet in Bahrain—an impressive group keeping a close eye on Iran.  Despite a relatively pro-Western population, Iran’s hardline leadership regularly has threatened the United States’ interests and its allies.  Iran has long funneled money and weapons to some of the region’s worst proxies—Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis—some of whom have attacked U.S. personnel in Iraq and Syria.  That is why I supported the Iran nuclear agreement under President Obama.  Not because it would stop Iran’s belligerence in the region, but because it would prevent it from doing so armed with a nuclear bomb,” said Durbin.

Durbin continued, “Well, this weekend we saw the Iranian threat in a massive attempted attack on Israel—one that Israel, with help of the United States and other allies, was thankfully largely able to thwart.  I hope cooler heads will prevail and keep this conflict from escalating in an already unstable region of the world.”

Durbin then condemned the actions of former President Trump who petulantly withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear agreement.

“Iran has also cozied up to Vladimir Putin, who is desperate for weapons from any rogue regime to fuel his disastrous war in Ukraine.  So, it seems to me it is long overdue forHouse Republicans this week to stop doing Russia’s bidding by blocking the Senate-passed National Security Supplemental,” Durbin concluded.

Video of Durbin’s remarks on the Senate floor is available here.

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