What they are Saying: Dept. of Justice Nominees Lisa Monaco and Vanita Gupta Deserve Swift Confirmation Following Strong Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

WASHINGTON – In their testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lisa Monaco and Vanita Gupta demonstrated clear commitment to restoring integrity and the rule of law at the Justice Department, combating white supremacy and domestic terrorism, boosting morale of the dedicated career professionals at DOJ, and building a more equitable justice system. Both of their nominations have received bipartisan support from lawmakers, legal experts, law enforcement, national security experts, and civil rights advocates. The Senate must move swiftly to confirm Lisa Monaco to be Deputy Attorney General and Vanita Gupta to be Associate Attorney General.

Here’s what they’re saying about Lisa Monaco:

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee – Former State Attorneys General

Lisa Monaco is a well-known public servant, who has devoted her life to public safety and protecting our national security… She is a professional through and through – who has worked hand in hand with law enforcement and intelligence personnel to keep our cities and states safe.

Washington Post - Lisa Monaco will seek to restore Justice Dept. norms attacked by Trump

“I don’t know anybody in government, or outside government, who is more responsible, rigorous, and thoughtful about how they do their job and how they serve the public [than Lisa Monaco],” said Preet Bharara, who worked with Monaco extensively when he was the U.S. attorney in Manhattan during Obama’s presidency.

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee - Former Deputy Directors of the FBI

Ms. Monaco handled some of the most sensitive national security issues during her tenure at the FBI, the DOJ and the White House. She has shown the competence, character, collaboration and communication skills required for this position. We have never observed Ms. Monaco allow “politics” to play a role in decisions or operations.

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee – Former Department of Justice Colleagues

Ms. Monaco is known throughout for her professionalism, legal acumen, ethics, and fairness. Her years of public service and commitment to justice are quite admirable. We are confident that Ms. Monaco possesses the character and experience to be a strong and effective leader.

Here’s what they’re saying about Vanita Gupta:

New York Times - Biden’s Pick for Justice Dept. No. 3 Wins Backing of Law Enforcement

Ms. Gupta’s approach to criminal justice and policing issues has won her the support of more than a dozen law enforcement organizations nationwide — including the National Sheriffs’ Association, the Major Cities Chiefs and the International Association of Chiefs of Police — as well as backing from across the political spectrum, including from conservative stalwarts like Koch Industries and Mr. Norquist.

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee - David Mahoney, President of the National Sheriffs’ Association

I strongly believe that Ms. Gupta is exactly the type of leader who is needed in the Justice Department today. She possesses immense credibility among law enforcement leaders and community leaders.

USA Today - Top DOJ nominees vow independence; Vanita Gupta opposes moves to defund the police

Gupta, CEO of the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights, repeatedly affirmed her support for law enforcement, asserting that her past statements about police funding had been mischaracterized. The nominee said there is need to invest in community resources for mental illness and drug addiction so the related problems do not fall to police to confront.

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee – National Sheriffs’ Association

Ms. Gupta has an open mind and a strong desire to understand the viewpoint of each stakeholder. To that end, she is able to find common ground with law enforcement, specifically on our shared goal of promoting safe communities and halting burgeoning criminal activities.

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee - Current and former police chiefs and sheriffs

Ms. Gupta has demonstrated a seriousness and willingness to understand the intense challenges, and even dangers, facing police officers with the intent of improving policing at large without degrading the overwhelming number of brave and honorable police officers. In this way, Ms. Gupta has always shown herself to be a strategic problem solver, who is animated by a desire to build greater trust in our communities and make things better.

Reuters - U.S. Justice Department nominee Gupta vows strong antitrust enforcement

“My role as a civil rights lawyer has been to push the tech companies very hard on any number of issues,” Gupta added. “If I am confirmed as associate attorney general, I will bring the full force of our country’s antitrust laws to bear to protect competition which is so core to our economy and to protecting consumers.

Washington Post - Republicans confront civil rights lawyer Vanita Gupta in confirmation hearing for high-level Justice Dept. post

[Gupta] does not support the movement to “defund the police.” Rather, she said, she has advocated for investing in mental health resources and social services to alleviate the burden on law enforcement agencies and crowded prisons — reform proposals she said were shared by police unions and some conservative leaders.

Slate - The Double Standard for Biden’s Nominees Who Are Women of Color

Both Clarke and Gupta have been leaders not just in the areas of civil rights, voting rights, and equality—they have been leaders in broad national coalitions. Over their respective careers, both have made a practice of bridge-building, cooperation, creating alliances, and organizing across divergent interests and agendas. One of the reasons Gupta has garnered support from major police organizations is that she has very consistently eschewed big splashy reforms for enduring cooperative fixes.