COVID-19 Casework

Many Illinoisans are seeking help from the federal government related to COVID-19 and the national emergency.  As your Senator, one of my highest priorities is to aid Illinois constituents who have an outstanding claim with a federal agency or otherwise need assistance from the federal government.

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Home, work, mobile, other.
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* If the Power of Attorney is making the inquiry please fax a copy of the Power of Attorney to the D.C. office.

* The SSA does not recognize Power of Attorney.

* Medal requests should be requested by Veterans, or if deceased, next of kin.

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Once you have reviewed your information, press the Print Privacy Release Form button. This will generate a PDF containing all of the information you have entered as well as a privacy release form. Please print the form, sign and date the last page, and return the form in its entirety to the Senator's office by fax or mail.

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Thank you for contacting me. The information on your form has been submitted electronically to my office. A PDF of your form is being generated automatically and should be ready within 10 seconds. If one is not available to download in that time, click here.

Once we have received your signed authorization, my staff will begin assessing how we can help. Please allow up to 30 days from the day we receive your release for my office to contact you. Thank you.