Foreign Policy

Our nation’s foreign policies should advance security and prosperity while promoting American values of freedom, democracy, tolerance, compassion, trade, and the rule of law. The United States has many important diplomatic and security interests around the world and Senator Durbin believes the United States must remain a leader and active participant on the international stage with our allies, NATO partners, and others. 

The United States has strong economic interests and relationships around the world, with many Illinois jobs directly linked to exports.  Senator Durbin has led efforts to encourage economic growth and opportunities for American exports in emerging markets around the world.    

Additionally, U.S. foreign policy extends beyond diplomatic and military initiatives to include humanitarian and development assistance aimed at saving lives and building more stable nations.  Senator Durbin has championed U.S. assistance that helps provide clean water and access to sanitation to the world's most poor as well as to reduce rates of HIV/AIDS and malaria—both as an expression of American values and to strengthen America’s standing abroad. Senator Durbin has also been an active advocate for humanitarian assistance in areas of conflict and for refugees fleeing violence or repression. He has supported programs and funding to help children in need and to increase access to education, as well as to protect young girls forced to marry at a young age or young boys forced to become child soldiers.  Senator Durbin has also been a champion of global human rights standards, and as such, regularly advocates for the release of political prisoners around the world.

At times, international crises demand additional U.S. attention, including the potential use of our military. In those situations in which U.S. military action may be warranted, Senator Durbin has exercised the utmost deliberation for this most critical decision that requires Congressional authorization.